Biodanza Time will soon be joining my portfolio of creative activities!  A dedicated website is being built for all of them, going live in March, although there are a few poems here. If you're wanting to know about my Biodanza Practice, read on... 

Biodanza - a world-wide liberating and restorative music and movement discipline - is spreading throughout the UK. It's a system which re-connects  you with your innate well being. 

Biodanza is energising and relaxing at the same time! Integrating head, heart and body effortlessly as you dance, you rediscover what it is to feel at your best. Find out more about Biodanza here.

Having studied for three years with The London School of Biodanza, I will be launching my Biodanza practice - Biodanza Time in late Spring 2018 in Berkshire and Surrey. 

Phone, text or e-mail me so I can let you know when sessions start in Molesey (daytime) and Newbury (for children and family in the holidays) . I look forward to dancing with you!

Liz Darcy Jones