Biodanza is a liberating and restorative music and movement system. It's practised throughout the world and makes you feel whole, healthy and 'free to be you'. Through the combination of music, dance and joining in with the group, Biodanza uplifts, relaxes and restores. It's a bit like the finest cup of tea - impossible to put into words!

In a Biodanza class, stress flies out of the window. . And during the session you get back in touch with the vibrancy of life itself - pulsating with joy and movement.  

We experience what's called a 'vivencia' and re-establish our connection with ourselves and each other as we 'dance with life'

Using only the language of the music and our bodies, Biodanza's suitable for all ages and nationalities. Always within the freedom of your own mobility, you're led by the music with simple instructions. You go at your own pace.  Slowly, as you keep coming to sessions, you feel the benefits flowing into your daily life. We all want to feel complete within ourselves. Biodanza re-sets us back to wholeness, deep within our cells. Somehow emotional troubles, mental worries, and physical problems begin to dissolve.

Having concluded three years' rigorous training through the London School of Biodanza I'll be launching my Biodanza Practice in late Spring 2018 once I've completed the obligatory eight supervised sessions.

You'll be able to enjoy one-hour daytime 'Gentle Biodanza' (in Molesey, Surrey) and there'll be 'Boredom Busting Biodanza' for children in the holidays too (in Newbury, Berkshire). Full details and a beautiful new website will be skipping their way across the screen over the by March 2018.

Want to try now?

Your best next click is to visit  Biodanza Association UK - it's the home for Biodanza in Britain and lists qualified facilitators and their classes (and much much more!)